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The trade enterprise Selena Granite LTD concerns getting and working of natural stone and also product production made of it. Our company consists of the stone getting open pit where gabbro development of Bukinsky occurrence is carrying out. This unique material is used for tombstones, monuments, separate parts for them and plenty of others products manufacturing. But before a customer gets a ready-made product, a stone has to go through a long way from getting to working and delivery.

Irresistible proportions of the open pit at the same time let getting different block categories. Whole process is carrying out with the help of special equipment under staff vigilant supervision.

Due to the stone occurrence that is included into composition of our enterprise a customer has not only a possibility to order a product by individual design but has 100% quality guaranty.

From the open pit gabbro is delivering to a stone processing plant where process of working and manufacturing is carrying out straightforward. By means of financial costs absence on raw material purchase and minimal costs on its delivery at the plant decreasing self cost of ready-made production that considerably influences on trading value.

- Quarry video

- Quarry in 3D

Product warranty - 70 years